August 27, 2017

August 27, 2017


  • Adriann says:

    Good evening my name is adriann aguilar, I am inquiring about having a memorial service for my grandmother, my best friend, we lived on corner of Calistoga most our lives and could see and hear the bells of the church everyday my oldest daughter whom is in college and also close with my grandmother, Angelina Luna, and named after her played cyo for good shepherd since she was able to age wise up until we moved in high school. We were told from a family member in charge of this task that they had called multiple times and was only called back once to give them prices, they have now informed me and my daughter that they have scheduled for memorial to be somewhere else. I am praying that this will not be as my grandmother was faithful to this church as were me and my children whom 2 were given holy communion and babtized there. This has been very hard for myself and my daughter as we where very close to her and spent a lot of time with her even after we moved, and so I pray that someone could help me facilitate having my grandmothers memorial at good shepherd for next Tuesday 10/03/17 as my daughter whom now is in college at sac state for nursing and cannot go to the one possible scheduled for next Wednesday and no hope for possible openings on Tuesday. Please call me or email me whomever receives this message I am desperate and would be so very thankful for any help or assistance with this. Thank you kindly for your time and patience in regards to this matter it is greatly appreciated. God bless

    Adriann Aguilar-granddaughter
    Angelina Rivera-great granddaughter

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