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Good Shepherd Ministry Brochure


  • Guadalupe says:

    Hello and Blessings,

    I would like information on Confirmation classes for my 14 year old son (soon to be 15th in November 2018). The class needs to be in English as he does not speak or understands much Spanish.

    In the Summer I called and provided my name and address and I was informed I would receive an envelope with information, but never received it. I’m sure classes started already.

    I’m a single mother, work 2 to 3 hours away from home M – F. It is hard most of the time to communicate during the day. I really like my son to do his Confirmation. He was baptized and did his 1st Communion at St. Peter’s Martyr of Verona. Their classes were full and did not have an English class. My son has been participating with the Youth For Life (YFL) group Ministry at Church of the Good Shepherd.

    Your help will be greatly appreciate it.

  • Melissa Salinas says:

    Good afternoon,

    I’d like information on baptism for my infant son.

    Thank you.

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