Religious Education

We believe that children a vital part of our Catholic Community.  It is imperative to help them experience this world in a Catholic Christian community, where the values of love, peace, and social justice are lived daily and where respect and dignity are afforded to all.

The Church teaches that families are the primary teachers of children.  The home is the first place that faith is witnessed.  Parents may share this responsibility with others, but they do not relinquish it.  The goal of  Religious Education is to assist families in passing on the Catholic faith to their children.



Religious Education is for children and youth from 1st through 8th grade who are not attending a Catholic school.  Through a variety of programs and activities, we assist families in helping their children form a lasting relation with Jesus and learning about our Catholic Faith.  Weekly classes are led by volunteer catechists (teachers) of different ages, cultures and life experiences.  Classes begin in September and end in May.


Religious Education prepares children for the sacraments of Reconciliation (Confession) and First Communion.  There is also a program to prepare children, 7 years old and up, for Baptism and full initiation into the Catholic Church.


All children are entitled to come to know Jesus and participate in the life of the church to whatever degree they are able.  If you have a child with a special need, we can work with you to set up a plan for your child.


RETURNING FAMILIES – registration packets will be mailed to you by the first week of August 2018. 

NEW FAMILIES– To register for the 2018/2019 school year you need print and fill out all forms below and return them to the office according to the dates and times specified in your registration letter.





Photos of our great students

Fr. Carl’s Welcoming- September 29, 2013

Rio and Fr. CarlRiodelle & Fr. BichRio and Fr. TerryDeacon Ken Wedge & Riodelle Reyes

Vacation Bible School 2013

VBS 2013.10 VBS 2013.9 VBS 2013.8 VBS 2013.7 VBS 2013.6 VBS 2013.5 VBS 2013.4 VBS 2013.3 VBS 2013.2 VBS 2013.1         Jasper 2013   VBS 2013.11Bowling 2013.1Jasper and Roelyne


The Passion Play over the years

  2334_1085938875031_2634_nPassion 2012 475197_381813511843900_1281645834_o2597_1105704369156_884161_n2597_1105717129475_1551081_n   2597_1105704769166_1254427_n25143_1408203171437_1773608_n25143_1407048902581_6221405_n 25143_1408202971432_2096880_n  25143_1407048582573_2022274_n216753_149547075112631_5037787_n 222958_2025388760691_6001509_n 226945_2025384680589_4539462_n 887086_3036953541055_1096018056_o





Oakland Youth Day 2012

Oakland Youth Day 2012Youth Day 2012537669_10201009302461096_1847515712_n

VBS 2011

VBS 2011

Old School

Sue.1 882097_10201052249894755_870636604_o2334_1085881793604_5678_n 2334_1085883073636_4492_n