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Missionary Families for Christ

Vision: We are an Evangelistic and Missionary Community committed to become families empowered by the Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth.

Mission: We strive for holiness of life, as we commit to renew the temporal order through our work with the poor, our work for justice and our work for life. We are servants of the Church, working to renew her children through every generation and throughout the world, until the Lord returns once again.

We have 20 Couples, 1 Singles for Life (working men/women), 5 Campus based for Life (College Students), 15 Youth for Life (age 12-18), 2 Kids for Life (age 6-12). We meet once a month for a General Prayer Assembly for all members, and once a month for prayer meeting on each Household Group which consist of 3-6 couples. The SFL, CBFL, YFL and KFL have their own monthly Assembly and Household meeting. We do Assemblies in the GSC Ministry building and Household meetings at member’s homes.

We regularly serve the Church of Good Shepherd on Saint Vincent De Paul every first Saturday of the month. Youth serve the youth mass every third Sunday. Youth also do the Live Stations of the Cross during lent. We facilitate the Easter Egg Hunt at the spiritual garden, and other church activities.

We offer free Christian Life Seminar (CLS) that raises up Christian couples and their families to Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. The CLS is not just for married couples. We also welcome adult singles, divorcees, separated, widows and widowers. Through the seminar, Couples for Christ intends to meet three objectives:

1) Individual Renewal – to bring a person into a stronger relationship with God and experience the fullness of God’s love.
2) Family Renewal – to bring married couples to a renewed commitment to one another and to their family.
3) Church renewal – as families are renewed, they form a network of equally committed Christian families who support one another to foster spiritual growth and thereby strengthen the Church and the parish they belong to.

For more information contact:
Bro. Nap Umadhay 925-980-4351,
Sis. Tere Umadhay 925-980-4315,
Dennis Manalo at