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On May 25, 1965 Bishop Floyd L. Begin established a 2nd parish in Pittsburg and named Fr. Louis Dabovich the first Pastor of Church of the Good Shepherd.

The first mass was celebrated on July 4, 1965 in a former furniture store in Shopping Heights Lane.

On August 17, 1969 ground was broken for the existing church and rectory at 3200 Harbor Street. Construction was completed on September 6, 1970.

The existing parish hall, built by A. D. Seeno Construction, was dedicated on April 12, 1980.

After Fr. Louie’s retirement in 1996, Fr. Helmut Richter was appointed Pastor and he continues to serve the parish community today.

The Spiritual Garden was dedicated in the year 2002 and the Ministry Building was erected in the year 2000 and now houses the parish offices.

Good Shepherd has had several associates and a past and current deacon plus many ministries and volunteers—over 200 to date-that have shaped our parish and have helped us to be true to our mission of being a sacramental community of faith, guided by the Spirit, inspired by the Word of God and centered in the Eucharist.

Future goals include the construction of an education building and a renovation of the church to include a daily worship chapel. We must constantly look toward the future so that Church of the Good Shepherd will serve us well today as well as be able to serve future generations of Catholics.