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The mission of our choirs of Good Shepherd is to inspire, enrich and engage our community in our hymns and songs of praise. We share our gifts of music by singing and playing a variety of contemporary, traditional, and sacred music. The Music Ministry has approx. 100 members, who provide quality music at our liturgies, and assist the worship community in song.
Fulfilling our baptismal calling through ministry, we invite you to share your musical gifts with the faith community.

Our 10:00AM choir rehearses Wednesdays at 7:00PM in the church. Our 8:00 AM and Noon choirs rehearse together on Thursdays at 7:00PM in the Ministry Building. Lastly, our Spanish choirs rehearse Sundays at 2:00PM in the church.

For further information, please contact our Director of Music Ministry, Dennis Riray at 925-432-6404 or any Music Minister for more information. Thank you and God Bless.